NOZU. The ultimate way to end a party. The ultimate fiesta in live musical form. Otherworldly group vocals, wild horns, housey synths, deep groove basslines and Latin percussion are the ingredients that make up NOZU’s unique sound. Each NO ZU show, whether at a local/international music festival or at a smokey basement club, always threatens to manifest into an unbridled, sweat- fest of a mutant dance party where distinctions between performer and audience disappear and the heat beat possesses all.

Private Function

Aggressive garage punk from Melbourne that has been consistently captivating audiences across the land over the last couple of years with a notoriously chaotic and high energy live show. Captivation is an understatement. Make no mistake, this very well could be the wildest show ever to grace the NinchFest stage. The songs are bloody good too. Prepare yourselves. In Private Function we trust.

Bitch Diesel

Three piece raw punk rock and roll powerhouse from Melbourne town. Comprising of The Stang, Charger and Silver Skidmark, they've captivated audiences across the country from sticky carpeted venues to festival stages including Boogie, Dark Mofo and Gizzfest. They've recently returned from a European tour and are fanging to get down to the Ninch. We’re stoked that they’re paying us a visit!

Mini Skirt

Raw, rough and honest, pub punk from the beaches of northern NSW. They come out of the sun and surf of Byron Bay but represent the scum and dirt of their scenic hometown’s underbelly. Mini Skirt are coming to the Ninch and there’s no doubt about it, they’re gonna fit right in. Let’s make them feel at home.

Drunk Mums

Melbourne via Cairns rock n roll yobos. Drunk Mums have built a reputation from playing rowdy shows around the country and abroad over the years and in January the 4 piece will be travelling down Peninsula link to spend some quality time with us at NinchFest. We couldn’t be happier! Regardless of whether you’ve seen em and loved them for years or you’re getting introduced for the first time at the fest, you’re bound to have a ripper night out if Drunk Mums are involved.

The Vibraphonic Orkestra

10 pieces of red hot, deep fried funk, afro and dub! Start with a foundation of deep bass and heavy drums and then add a wall of almighty horns. What you get is The Vibraphonic Orkestra, an unstoppable party machine. Whether it be festivals, parties or sweaty venues, The Vibraphonic Orkestra will get the whole place moving. Prepare to dance NinchFest!

Turtle Skull

Flower Doom from New South Wales. When the heat of the late afternoon sun begins to subside and you've well and truly made yourself at home, close your eyes and come with us on a cosmic journey through space and time. Turtle Skull are bringing their truly beautiful psychedelic experience to Ninchfest 2020 and we couldn’t be more grateful.
In the words of the band:
“We want to create a psychedelic safe space, and help facilitate a transformative experience for our audience. Where people feel comfortable to delve deep within themselves and explore. This is what psychedelic music is about after all. You could call our music heavy psych. But its not what you'd expect from a heavy band. We are merging the light, organic, ecstatic concepts of psychedelic pop, with the fuzzy, jammy grooves of stoner doom”
You’re gonna bloody love it Ninchfest!

Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters

Rock and roll. Deep down we all live on it. We thrive on it. We NEED it. Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters will be bringing you your dose for the day at NinchFest 2020. A six headed juggernaut producing a fierce wall of punk infused rock and roll. For years they’ve taken their show on the road from Brisbane to Paris, Belgrade, Tokyo and back to any bar in Melbourne that’ll have them. It’s now the Ninch’s turn. They’re a force to be reckoned with and we couldn’t be happier that they’re on board.


Maybe it’s because the band members grew up on the Ninch, but there’s something about their mellow and unrestrained music that emulates sun on the face and fresh ocean air in the nostrils. They’ve taken their music across country and beyond and are now bringing back home for you to enjoy Ninchfest. Pop hooks but not from the books. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sounds of Foreign/National.

Easy Browns

Tight, manic, but don’t panic, here’s a crew that are sure to satisfy your musical needs. Melbourne based psychedelic weirdos Easy Browns are a 4-piece psych rock band hailing from Melbourne performing wacked out garage pysch madness. They’re going to be a hoot! Just when you think you’ve got your feet firmly planted and the day is under control, Easy Browns will emerge to flip you like a pancake. Bring some extra butter.

Foggy Notion

Modern day southern fried alt country rock! Made up of a majority of members who hail from the Bellarine Peninsula across the bay, Foggy Notion are bringing their country tinged chicken pickin’ good time hootenanny of a travelling show Ninchfest! Beautifully written songs and a hell of good time. You don’t want to miss them. Wrap your ears around their recent debut release ‘Volume One’ in the lead up to the fest.

Taylah Carroll

Dark and smokey but beautiful tunes. Taylah Carroll’s music is equal parts confessional indie-folk, and dreamy alt-rock. Powerful lyrics and heart warming music to take you on a glorious day dream and then plant your feet gently back on the festival grounds. We’re looking forward to this set!

Nola Lauch Band

Nola Lauch is a Kirrae-wurrung woman who has lived on the Mornington Peninsula for most of her life. She is an visual artist, singer and song-writer who is committed to celebrating and sharing Aboriginal music, art and culture. Nola fronts the Nola Lauch Band and has been entertaining audiences on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond with her powerful, soulful vocal style for several years. It’s an honour to have her and her band perform at Ninchfest 2020.

Two Headed Dog

Out of the misty foothills of the Kinglake mountains come the purveyors of fine hard hitting blues and groove music Two Headed Dog.. You like Fuzz? They’ve got it. You like Big Loud Drums? They’ve got it. You like organ? They’ve got it. Raw 60's/70's style rock at its best. Letting the good times roll earlier on in the piece. Two Headed Dog are a must see.

Fergus & The Gurners

Local up and comers who have began taking the Peninsula by a storm in recent times. Carrying the torch and lighting the Ninchfest cauldron to open the festival in spectacular fashion. Ripping tunes with the energy of The Brian Jonestown Massacre reincarnated! Get down early to catch the ignition.

Ninch DJs

Mysterious sounds and sensational selections will be spinning all day long from the 'Diswayup' DJ ship. All aboard it's time to catch some boogie fever, hook, line and sinker.