When do I get my tickets if I paid online?

In an effort to save on paper we have decided to not issue hard tickets to people who buy them online. If you have purchased your ticket online, please bring ID to the festival so we can confirm your booking, give you a wristband and off you go. It is very important you bring the ID or you will not get in. Hard ticket holders will also have their names and ID checked at the gate.

I did not get an email confirming my ticket purchase, help me!

Once you purchase tickets via TryBooking you should receive a confirmation notice that the ticket purchase has successfully processed. If you do not get this or an email confirming and you are 100% sure you clicked to buy, please email management@ninchfest.com with your first and last name, and the quantity of tickets purchased. We will check if you have been charged and resend a confirmation email for your peace of mind.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

We know how life goes, sometimes circumstances change that are out of our control. So the answer is YES you can have a refund, only if you purchased the tickets online and request a refund 7 days prior to the event (Tickets purchased the week of the festival are non-refundable). Our festival is small and we want everyone to have opportunity to participate, so do not hold out till the last minute and then waste your ticket. If you need a refund within the time frame, please email management@ninchfest.com with your first and last name and the number of tickets to be refunded. Please note, we cannot refund the small online booking fee.

Can I change the name on my ticket order?

No unfortunately you cannot do this.

I lost my tickets, I am upset, what do I do?

If you purchased your tickets online, then have no fear you never had a hard ticket to begin with. As mentioned above, all tickets purchased online will be placed on a door list and will gain access once they present corresponding ID to their ticket order. Please note, every person you purchased a ticket for will need to be with you when you arrive, no wait lists. Your group will also need to present ID if they wish to get an 18+ wristband.

If you purchased a hard copy ticket please contact the store where you purchased it and have the staff contact management@ninchfest.com with your details and proof of purchase and we’ll sort something out.

How do I get to NinchFest

99 Bass Meadows Boulevard, St Andrews is your destination. St Andrews Beach Recreation Club is very easy to get to by car, walking if you’re local or by bus. Check the local timetables and arrive on time, splitting a cab or uber from Rye shops is a good option so you don’t have to worry about driving or finding a park. If you drive, keep it safe, do not drink and drive and respect the neighbours by not parking on their properties.

Is there an ATM at NinchFest?

No. There is an eftpos machine at the Merch area for purchasing festival merch and drink cards ONLY. This machine is strictly not for withdrawing cash. We recommend you bring cash with you, as it’s much easier on the day.

Can I bring pets with me to NinchFest?

Sorry, no animals other than humans.

I wish to make a complaint about NinchFest, where do I do this?

If you have a serious complaint, issue or experienced a problem during our festival please email management@ninchfest.com immediately. We take this kind of thing seriously and will do all we can to resolve the matter.

Can I bring instruments to NinchFest?

Unless you’re a performer the answer is no. Please do not bring instruments or you’ll be asked to take them home. We have handpicked live music all day, so there is no reason for you to bring an instrument of any kind.

Can my band play at NinchFest?

Our lineups are carefully planned and we take great pride in bringing a diverse and exciting experience to our festival goers each year. We do our best to look at all serious applications that come through, but please understand our bookers and team have a wealth of music knowledge and a good idea of the kind of acts we want to present to the people and our community. Please do not send repeat follow up messages or emails. We’re on it and if we’re interested, we will be in touch with you. Thank you.

My questions have not been answered here, who can help me?

If you have additional questions about NinchFest please email management@ninchfest.com or send a private message to our social media pages and we’ll get the appropriate team member to get in touch when possible to assist.