General Enquiries

Please send these to and we’ll respond as soon as humanly possible.


Volunteer applications are currently open for some sections of the festival. If you have any questions about volunteering or your roster email us at and we’ll get back to you asap.

Festival Times

Gates 10am / Bands from 10.30 / Festival ends 10pm sharp
Bar Opens 11am

All Ages Community Festival

Kids 13 years and under get in for free!

Artist Enquiries

We do our best to provide a diverse and exciting line-up of musical acts for your entertainment! A hand-picked plethora of artists both local and beyond the Ninch is the aim. In general we like to build our line-ups as a team and will consider all applicants carefully. Should we be interested, we’ll get in touch and take the next step. Please do not continue to send information if we have not contacted you, there is only a hand full of artists that we can accommodate on the line-up each year. Bands and musicians interested in playing at our festival in the future please email with your press kit.

Clean Up with NinchFest Cups!

NinchFest is dedicated to leaving our beautiful site clean, help us out by using one of our reusable beer pots to reduce waste and enjoy delicious tap beer at the same time! Our reusable cups are a $2 donation which you can have refunded by bringing your cup back at the end of the festival. Cheers! (Maximum 5 cups refund per person)